A man-made entrance that locals do not go through. They say that one should not go in. For now I don’t know for sure where it leads, but I was told that it’s a cave and a home to subterranean waters of a river that is long time gone from the town.

I was curious to check it briefly, but sadly this was a detour from another assignment that I was working on that day, so I did not have time to go all the way down. It is very narrow, and the deeper you go the less signs of previous human presence you can see, until there is none.

My flashlight has a demonic 7000 real lumens output in a rather ballanced-flood beam, and yet it was not able to reach the end of the tunnel even when I was 100 meters in already. I will come back to this place soon.

A historical archive photo of the same tunnel entrance, from 1986:

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